Add ability to update health score from timeline

CSMs want to be able to update the account's health score directly from the timeline view. 
Hi Jen, Could you please provide more details on the use-case ? 

Is it any particular measure your are trying to update ?
CSMs don't want to have to toggle so much between screens/views.
This is definitely something our CSM team has asked me for.

1)  Ability to edit manual metrics from the Timeline screen when entering in a new timeline note. We have 3 manual metrics on our health score and it would be nice to update them from one screen. As your are taking the note

2) Take a snapshot of the health score at the time of the timeline entry so that looking back in time you could see where the account was at the time of entry
We are in the process of implementing Gainsight and our CSMs are very interested in this feature as well.

+1, it would be nice if we could add in manual metrics as actively fields for CSMs to update directly in Timeline.

Our current workaround is a number field that the CSMs can fill in when they create an activity. We then have a rule that updates the scorecard based on the field value. The downside is that this is not in real-time.