Add ability to create or manage CTA's from the new Timeline section

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When I am on a call with a customer, I often come out with actions items.  It would be awesome to be able to create/ generate CTA's from within the timeline so that I can do it as I'm writing my notes vs. having to do a separate action on a separate page.  
Thanks for posting, Lilian. This is a great idea! Here's what we are thinking of doing -- would love to get your thoughts/feedback:

  • Provide the ability to add action items inline within the note. This is to ensure everything is logged from just one place.
  • Tie action items to a new or existing CTA. This is to ensure action items always show up in the CSM's Cockpit and don't fall through the cracks.

That is pretty much exactly what I was looking for!  Do you guys have an ETA on availability for a feature like this?
Awesome! This is currently planned for Spring release.
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Our team started using the Gainsight Timeline feature last week, and are very happy with the feature.


The only thing that’s missing is for there to be a way to integrate it with an Action to remind reminder oneself, and give it a due date, etc. Or even having it create a CTA for an action item would be great!!

Is this feature still on the roadmap for Spring release?  Our team would love the ability to create a CTA or generate a Milestone directly from the Timeline.   In addition, it would be great if there was a CTA/action item view also in timeline.  For example, you could see a short, running list of action items that were created from Timeline in the Timeline UI.   In addition, these would be viewable in Cockpit as mentioned above. 
Hi Melissa,

Yes, this feature will be available in Spring release and it will behave exactly like you have mentioned.

You will be able to create tasks from timeline and these tasks will be visible both in timeline(under the activity from which it was created) and cockpit.

Would you like to see a consolidated list of all tasks in timeline or showing them under each activity is enough?


Hi Nitisha, 

Wonderful!  It would be great to be able to toggle to see a list of all tasks created from timeline in the timeline. Having to scroll through each logged activity might be cumbersome.  

Thank you! 
Thank you for adding this feature (CTA from Timeline) to the Spring release. It's exactly what our CSMs are asking for.