Add a new "+Email CTA" option on the Cockpit and/or Timeline screen

It would be great to have a "+Email CTA" option on the Cockpit and/or Timeline screens to save lots of time and make users much more efficient.  

It could allow a user to pick an "Email Template" that they want to use and then it automatically creates a new CTA with a single Email Assist task that can then be used to send custom/templated emails to internal/external recipients.
Hi Link,

The use-case of having this feature in Timeline is to send minutes of the meeting or activity details (like notes, attendees, etc.) in the email or the use-case is just to create a task where any email template can be sent to attendees?


Hi Nitisha,

For my use case, having this capability on the Cockpit and Timeline pages is just for convenience to send a one off Email Assist using an existing Email Template.  It is on these pages that I find myself most often wanting to send an email, but this could really happen from any page in Gainsight.

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