Actions off of Stage Change

I'm seeing more and more that customers look to create CTAs off of stage changes in Gainsight. This is both for Customer and Relationship level.

I feel that we should productize the ability to automatically create a CTA (and maybe do other actions) when these changes happen. There is a limitation in the product today where you can't use old value and new value fields in rules engine from SFDC history tracking objects. There is a workaround by copying the old value to another field but this is extra work for something that a very high amount of customers do.

Note that this also shows the need for a standard stage and status field on the Relationship object. 
You can create an event like how you can post a case closure event. Refer here for the code snippet and trigger configuration. This can be used in Advanced outreach only. :(

We need the ability to create a CTA as part of adv outreach to achieve this.