Ability to view the data of more than 6 months in analytics

Use case : Currently in PX we are able to access analytics data only for 6 months, as the customers are growing it would be really great if they can access more than 6 months data, Customers are sometimes frustrated when they cannot view the complete data.






FYI @link_black @angelo 

Hello Gainsight team!

Is there any update regarding this feature request?

We would like to show the YTD stats for an NPS survey, and we only have the possibility to select last 6 months or Lifetime, which is not helpful for our use case. 

We would really appreciate to have a heads up on this. 

Thank you very much and best regards!


@Sundeep  Currently we already have this feature and open this on case by case basis for our customers depending on how many events are being generated so that we don't impact our infra limits. Please raise a support ticket with subscription id and we will investigate and appropriately update the date gates.