Ability to view/export/access future CTA creation dates before they're created

This is sort of a multi-part idea where future CTA creation dates are easily accessible, exportable, or syncable with Google calendar.

This could be manifested in a few ways:

  1. Google cal integration (and I guess Outlook too if folks still use that 😉 ) - see https://community.gainsight.com/gainsight/topics/outlook-google-calendar-integration-to-automaticall... for my vote for Google integration
  2. Gainsight-hosted calendar that showed the future rules that will create CTA's just so that we're aware that some action, whatever it may be, will be triggering a rule soon that will impact the CSM's schedule through CTA creation. In other words, this incorporates a rule timeline but to an extent that it only applies to future CTA creation dates. Perhaps even having the ability to export a report with this information would be helpful. This will help us anticipate the lifecycle of each customer.
  3. One of the C360 summary boxes would be called Timeline View or something of the like and in order to configure it, you would create calculated fields based on certain dates/milestones/other date fields and then the box would list all of the important upcoming dates based on those calculated fields 
  4. Using Milestones for anticipatory CTA creation dates and then having future-dated Milestones sync up with Google Calendar.
  5. Using Milestones for anticipatory CTA creation dates and then having a box in C360 summary that displays a tiny timeline view of those milestones.
Hi Allie,

We are planning to come up with following features, which should solve your use-cases:

1. Journey Builder: Ability to design business workflows which in turn would drive the process (automated or manual) for the eligible contact, relationship or customer. This journey will have the list all of the important upcoming events.

2. Customer/ Relationship Timeline: A single timeline view to easily visualize a customer’s full journey (all important events which have occurred in past).

3. Calendar Integration: Google/ Outlook calendar integration with Gainsight.

These projects are not in the short term roadmap but I will keep you updated about the progress. Please let me know if you need more details on them.


Thanks Nitisha! All of these would be awesome.