Ability to Use S3 Datasets in Program Query Builder

It would be very nice if admins could create and use S3 datasets when building Program participant sources with the Query Builder tool. Alternatively, if there was the option of create PowerLists from Bionic Rules, that would also be very helpful!

We would like to be able to use S3 as a source in Journey Orchestrator Query Builder as well.  Is this in the roadmap?

It would have been great if we can use data from S3 to create Powerlist. We want to use this data in Journey Orchestrator to create Program and send emails.


We do have plans to use Dataspace created via Data Designer as a source in Programs. S3 as a source can be used in data designer. We will also look into exposing S3 as a source in JO.

Adding some context for my use case:

When I have a list of just email addresses, it’s hard to add them as JO Participants. The Program is likely to require a bunch of information that’s stored in Company Person, Person, and elsewhere. I don’t have that information outside of Gainsight, so I can’t use CSV as my Participant Source, since all of that data would need to exist in the CSV. (I would have to export the data for all Company Person records, then use Excel to pull in the relevant info for my list of email addresses.) So, I want to ingest the CSV of just email addresses to Gainsight, join it with Person, and then use my query to pull all of the fields that the Program needs.

Would like to see this functionality as well. It’s a frustrating and confusing experience when functionality exists in one place (rules engine) that doesn’t exist in others (query builder), even though the experience between Rules and QB are nearly the same.

+1 to this as well from me.  Currently have a JO running that I have to write a rule to grab the data from S3, add to a MDA object, and then, I have to write multiple JO queries to make sure I’m always getting the most up to date data.  If I could trigger it from the S3 upload, that would save a lot of time.

+@PavanCh for possibilities.

We are adding support for Data designer as a source in JO Simple programs initiative being targeted for a Q2-2022 release. This is currently under development.

S3 data can be setup to be consumed within Data designer. 


The same capability will be further extended to JO advanced programs subsequently.

Maybe in some use cases, DD as a source is sufficient but this is just more duplicative admin work. In most cases, it’s a list of contacts or accounts being pulled from another system that I need to add so I can merge with other datasets. Instead, I’ll need to make a Data Design, and then either do the program query in the data design OR simply make a single S3 data set in the DD, make it available, and then query the DD in JO.


Why is this so redundant - to have to make an object for a single use case?

I agree with Kelly on that too. I have a program now where I had to use DD to grab the S3, and then, pull into the program. Program query options should match Rules Engine options to simplify the workflow. 

Love this post. Yes please to all of the above suggestions.