Ability To Use "Ranking" In Rules Engine

I have a use case in which I would like to take the concept that is available in report builder with "Ranking" and apply that to a rule used to fire off (for example) CTA's. 

Example Use Case: I'd like to count up the number of support tickets for customers who don't own a support package over the last 6 months. I'd like to just Rank who the top 10 ticket generating customers are and then fire off a CTA to pitch them a support package. I could benchmark, but even if my benchmarks/averages are accurate I cannot control output for the rule. The ability to control how many CTA's are fired off from this rule (i.e only fire for top X customers) could be valuable in itself to ensure that admins are not creating too many CTA's for users to manage.
+1 to this idea

Our leadership is really interested in tracking our top 50 customers so it would be really useful if we could use Rules Engine to create CTAs or update GS/SFDC fields dynamically for our top 50. 
Hi Steve/Calvin,

I understand how useful Ranking capability in Rules Engine can be. Although we do not have a timeline defined for when ranking function will be available in rules, I suggest you can try using the statistical functions (standard deviation) via which you can fetch your top customers(in Calvin's example). You can use numeric expression to calculate Z-score and hence, the percentile. 

A Z-score indicates how many standard deviations a data point is from the mean. A Z-score of Zero means 50 percentile.

Similarly, you can filter based on the percentile(and the zscore) you are looking for and then achieve your use case via Bionic Rules.


+1 Looking for something similar to identify our Top X Accounts bed on one of our Total Collected Fields.

@Jitin - I'm not familiar with that method.  Would you put in a Criteria, and then fill out the Advanced Logic section?  Using the "Z-Score" method?