Ability to use "Current User" filter with MDA data when building reports

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Currently when I pull in data to the MDA and use Join tables I am unable to use a filter for a CSM and set it to "Current User". It would be nice to have this ability. 
Thanks Andrew. Noted. Currently this is available on SFDC data. We do plan to add the concept of a 'user' field in MDA over next few month, which is a pre-requisite. 
Hi Andrew, can you please confirm or explain if the below use case meets your requirement:

  1. A SFDC object is pulled into a MDA object.
  2. This MDA object itself or the joined object ( if it joined with another MDA object), contains a User ID field, which represents a CSM User.
  3. In the report, whenever this User ID field is selected for filter operation, the option of "Current User" can be selected which would filter the report by matching the User ID field with current logged-in user's User ID.

I had a sync up call with Andrew on this.

@Ajit- The steps that you mentioned are correct.

From MDA perspective and with current initiative on User object model, we should be able to recognise those User ID fields (Ex: CSM User or Executive Sponsor or Solution Architect or Project Manager) and allow the Reporting and then Dashboard to filter the MDA data based on current logged-in User.
Found another one. Please be sure to include really any lookup field like Account Name and ID, etc. 
Found another one. Please be sure to include any lookup field like Account Name and ID, etc. When I created a report in report 2.0 with MDA data and joined fields I am not able to drill into the customer from the customer name in the chart. I know product is also working on adding in the case number as drill-able so you may want to look at applying that here as well.