Ability to use Contains Operator with Fields in Rules Engine

Rules Engine only allows you to use the Contains operator with Values, not Fields: 

Options for Value
Options for Field

It would be very helpful if we could use the Contains and Does Not Contain operators when using fields fields because there are some cases where we want to look at a larger string or text area value and see if it contains or does not contain another field. For example, if I had String A and String B and want to see if A contains B. 


I can see this being useful for filters as well as case expressions.


If there is a current workaround for this, I would love to hear about it! 

@cmultanen Thanks for sharing your thought!agree with you, contains is definitely a good option, may be due to technical limitation they have restricted. Let me check with my product team and get back to you on this.

As @sai_ram  mentioned, this is because of technical limitations. We do not have any plans to enhance this product at this point in time.