Ability to update/edit email automated footer

I didn’t see anything in the PX forums for this, but when I create an email and sent a test, there is an automated footer with an Unsubscribe link and a View in Browser link. These are nowhere to be found when I am editing the email, and I have been unable to locate it anywhere. Our marketing team doesn’t like the phrasing, plus we don’t know where the unsubscribe link is directing users.

I did find an idea on the CS Product forum: Custom Headers/Footers for Email Templates | Gainsight Community and posted this comment: 

“This would be a request for Gainsight PX as well. I am starting to explore emails from PX, and there is an automated footer with an unsubscribe link and a “view in browser” link. 

I don’t know where the unsubscribe URL goes. It is not something I can see to edit or delete. It is not a part of the template I can edit. 

We don’t have CS now, so I don’t know how the experience differs.”

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