Ability to trigger in-app engagements based on PX survey responses

Posting this product idea on behalf of a customer: 

As a user, I want to trigger an in-app engagement based on PX survey responses, including multi question surveys. 

Use case: Launch a PX multi-question survey during user’s onboarding. Create multiple engagements that each correspond to those survey responses. For example, if the survey question is “What do you want to use our product for?” and the user selects “email campaigns”, then an engagement could target the users who selected “email campaigns” and deliver content/in-app guidance relevant to that goal. 

Thank you for the feature request as it sounds like a great use case!


Essentially, you want to be able to take a question from a survey and specifically, map the response to some kind of attribute on the user or the account.  Then an in-app engagement can be created to target that custom attribute.

This type of functionality would also require a mapping mechanism to allow you to provide the logic needed to take a specific response from a specific question from a specific survey to populate a specific attribute value to the user/account.  

You can do this now using the data coming from the PX S3 integration (includes all user/account info plus survey responses, etc).  Take the survey responses, apply your business rules to determine the specific custom attribute value to assign and then use the data loader tool (link below) to push the custom attribute values back to the user/account to trigger in-app engagements.