Ability to track text typed in a field w/out custom event

One thing our team is incredibly conscious of is making sure we’re not taking up precious developer resources for anything other than building our product. I know this is possible through custom events but it would be great to have a way to track text typed in a field (e.g. search query) without the need of developer intervention. 

It appears that another tool similar to Gainsight PX (I won’t name names) has the ability to do this. 

thank you!

Hi @leslietou,

Thank you for taking the time on posting your ideas on the Gainsight Community.

Can you please confirm if your ask is related to the below use case?

Use case: 

Assume I have a search bar, where my users come and give inputs of keywords to search the relevant documents, upon which I should be able to track the most used keywords that are typed inside the search bar.

You are looking this to happen without developer intervention to use custom events


Video of the use case: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/PLbMNekocgA9yuy2KLBYCW?




Dileep Nalla

cc @angelo and @mickey 





@leslietou the reason why we do not enable text type tracking into PX is to avoid capturing PII information as that use case will include users typing in their user names/ passwords, etc. Hence, this option is still available but through Custom Events esp. for use cases like Search bar as Dileep mentioned above.

@leslietou did you get a chance to view the comments by our teammates, please let us know if you need any help here.

Yes @dileepnalla  this is the same use case!


@harshibanka  I get that but, the ability is there regardless. The difference is that it’s harder to implement. It could be something you are not automatically tracking and that the product managers have to manually enable to begin tracking.