Ability to target the engagements to different audience using the KC bot

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Use case: When we have multiple engagements added in KC bot, I would like to target few engagements visible to particular accounts or users.

With the current design, we don't have this ability, all the engagements added to KC bot will be visible to all the users.

This feature can be handy.


@ciarapeter Please review.

This is important for us because our organization deals with customers who are in competition with each other. It would be ideal if we can target the users or accounts in order to serve the right engagement and hide the ones that are meant for their competitors.

​Or maybe have multiple KC bot and serve the right one to the intended account or users.



Thanks, Andrew. This is on our Q4 2019 roadmap!


Hi @andrew_kwa Welcome to the PX Community, and thanks for posting!

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@dileepnalla your enhancement request is considered and available in March-2020 release.

Few advantages of this enhancement are:

  • Audience exposure to the relevant Bot 
  • Customized onboarding checklist for selected Audience
  • Customized Knowledge Center documents for the Audience
  • Ability to track feedback and feature requests from specific Audience

Please go through this article for more information. 

Here is the complete list of posts considered from the community for 6.13(March) release. 

@andrew_kwa , This feature has been implemented in March release, now you should be able to display KC bot by targeting to the particular audience.