Ability to tag users on CTA

Use Case: When a manager is reviewing overdue CTAs on their manager dashboard, she would like an easy way to tag the CTA owner to complete the CTA. There is also a potential use case for collaboration when execuitng on the CTA.

Impact: One way to drive adoption of the system is from the tops down. When a manager finally has time to review operational reports such as overdue CTAs, it is cumbersome to then ping each rep individually to make sure that CTAs are closed out. A quick tag in the CTA comments would save a lot of time and make managing adoption much smoother.

One workaround is to add an internal note timeline activity that can be logged within the CTA UI. Since this adds a timeline activity to Timeline with a link to CTA, it should work, but this adds clutter to Timeline for one off notiifcations.

Hi J.P. - adding a timeline activity note is probably the best solution here, as often just tagging someone without providing some context as to why they were tagged or what the next steps action should be would limit the likelihood that the tag would have the desired outcome.