Ability to sync User email id changes for inbound email configuration as well when the email changes are synced from salesforce to Gainsight in user object.

Scenario: Email Id’s of the users are changed in salesforce. The email address changes got reflected in Gainsight via the user connector job.

But the new email Id is not updated in the inbound email configurations. Removing and adding the users again for inbound configuration serves the purpose.

But client is expecting that when we are updating the changed attributes (email address in this case) for the users in Gainsight the same should be updated for the inbound configuration as well so that they manually need not re-configure inbound emails for all the records.

Customer here, thanks for adding this @Abid . I would also add that the user in inbound config MUST be removed and then re-added because if you search for them with the new email address they still show up but you get a duplicate error. Even though the email is different.

I also flagged this behavior as a problem for the current management of Organization Wide email permissions with Email Assist 2.0 which is hard coded to manually input email addresses, and doesn’t even have a table to not update.


FYI @spencer_engel 

Not to mention that it may solve another issue which is the lack Admins being able to report/audit on the Inbound Email Settings (Email Address or Email to Timeline Address) from and Ops or Support view when users have issues.  To @bradleymcg  ‘s point - we just know to remove and re-add them to the Email Configuration page.