Ability to sync to SFDC Activities to Timeline Activities associated with specific objects in Gainsight

We need to be able to associate activities and tasks from accounts in Salesforce that are Relationship records in Gainsight.   Since we have been using Salesforce for years, there is a lot of activity history that is not flowing into Gainsight, because we can only push Salesforce activities associated with Company records.  The lack of activity records is negatively affecting our Engagement scorecards and the overall view of our clients.

@soumitrasahu we are releasing an update in the near future that allows us to tag activities to objects other than Companies and Relationships (and also to multiple Companies and Relationships).

This is a similar request when syncing activities from Salesforce to Gainsight. Currently, all activities that are synced from SFDC to GS go to the Company level, with no way for us to configure the sync to Relationships (or any other object).

Can we please have a way to sync activities to Relationships (at a minimum) in the near future? I think this is usually an ask for any customer that works at the Relationship level in Gainsight. Thanks!

@soumitrasahu @rajdeep_barman can we comment on this from a product standpoint? Thank you!