Ability to stop a rule before it's completed running

Recently a historical usage data rule was run and daily was accidentally checked vs. weekly. The start date was set to run 4.5 years in the past. This resulted in 1500+ rule runs, which has stalled other rules from running.

Being able to stop a rule like this from running once it's been launched would be a lot of help in these situations.
Added to the near-term roadmap already. Should be there in May / June.
Hi Sundar,  How do I stop a rule that is already in process?  I have been testing some new rules and waiting for them to time out is quite time consuming.  
I'd like to know as well. I haven't seen anything that indicates the ability to stop a running rule.  

Are there concerns about stopping rules that are modifying data though? 
It looks like this was implemented?  Can someone maybe explain where we'd get this information?  I cant seem to find it anywhere!
Hi! This has happened to us twice in the last 24 hours. And we currently have one I need to stop.

There are times when trialling things we might have a filter that needs to be tweaked. Not being able to stop a rule hinders our speed at being able to do things.

Has this been implemented?
Did this feature ever actually happen? I am in the same predicament as Lane at the moment.
Has this been implemented ?
I'm also looking for this feature
I need this feature as well
Badly need this feature. Please prioritize this feature request.
Hi Team, I have some good news,this request has been prioritized for fall release. I will come back to you with more details 🙂