Ability to stagger send volume of emails within a Journey Orchestrator Program

There have been several occasions where we have built an outreach and the total number of participants is greater than a CSM could reasonable take on within a given short time frame.  

It would be great to have a way to say, for example, take 300 participants total and send 100 at this time, 100 at this time, 100 at this time as a way to help better control the volume of work for CSMs from a single outreach.




@caffeinatedadmin Currently you can create multiple source, add a filter to segregate the work and schedule the sources at a different time.

Also, can you please explain the use-case a bit and how are the emails used in assigning the work so that we can solution it better in the product

@caffeinatedadmin did you a chance to view the comments posted by @nitisha_rathi . Please let us know if you need any help here.

@caffeinatedadmin need your inputs here.