Ability to show-up the tooltip when user hovers over the required element

        Currently, we cannot trigger an engagement when user hovers over any of the UI element on their end application.

        This can be achieved using a badge. But one of the client doesn’t want to put badge over their application and wants to display the tooltip when user hovers over the required UI element.

        It would be really helpful if could incorporate such feature in our product.

Standalone tooltips are table stakes.  WalkMe and Pendo both have them…  Using those tools, I don’t have to ask an engineer to put a tooltip on a button, I can just do it myself, codeless.  This is super useful when a guide is overkill.  Sometimes you just simply want a tooltip to appear whenever the user hovers over something--without activating a full guide. We came over to PX from WalkMe and *thought* we had feature parity on the in-app engagements.  This one was a miss unfortunately.

@taelton sorry for the inconvenience, I am redirecting this to the product team for more visibility.

Hi All! 


PX currently supports automatic (based on audience logic) Tooltip triggering as well as “on hover” tooltips using Badges within our Guide Engagements. In most every case we have seen, using a Badge (with a custom icon) works great and does not require any developer assistance.  Also, the Badge can be the only step within the Guide and I have included an example below using the “on hover” Badge option:


PX does not track every “on hover” event in an application by default.  However, if using a Badge is unwanted/unacceptable, then your app developer could add a PX Custom Event using JavaScript.  When this PX Custom Event fires when the user hovers over a specific element in your UX, it can be used to then trigger the engagement/tooltip to launch.  

Thank you for your response. The problem with badges is that once you have more than a few, they clutter the UI.  Imagine having tooltips on all the column headers in a grid--there would have to be a badge next to each one.  I suppose we could try to make the badge transparent and sit atop other UI elements.  Not sure if that is possible.  Another issue is that having tooltips as a part of guides means that it isn’t practical to manage.  We won’t be able to manage all the tooltips in our application in one place.

I don’t think PX needs to track every “on hover” event.  It only needs to track “on hover” events for UI elements that we map.  PX already does something like this when linking an engagement to a UI element.

As for using one of our developers to create a custom PX event, I don’t see why we’d do that when we could just have the developer add the tooltip directly in code.  The whole point of this is to add tooltips to the UI without relying on developers.

+1 here.

Look.. even if I have like <i class=”font-awesome-foo”/>

I can’t, in gainsight, say: “When someone clicks on .font-awesome-foo CSS selector, please show a tooltip”.


Has there been any change in this @link_black ? I see the status is still “No Status”. I came here looking for how to implement hover tooltips without needing a dev and was disappointed to see that the answer is to get a dev. 

Hi @andrew.fowler .  Our PX Product team reviews and updates these statuses, so it seem like there is no update on them for this one.


On-hover to start a PX Guide Engagement is currently not an option.


As my old response above indicates, you can use a PX Guide Engagement with the Badge option to accomplish something similar. 


And, you can even map the click of something on the screen to a PX Feature in your Product Map, which can be used to trigger PX Guide Engagement to start … perhaps with only a single Tooltip step.


Both of the above would not normally require a developer.



I think @taelton hit the nail on the head for what all was wrong with implementing the badge.  We need a hover. We have tools that we want the user to more easily identify. Clicking the tool to start isn’t the best experience. As an example, let’s say that I don’t know what the A box thing does because I’ve never seen it. 

The box shown is a new tool that I am not familiar with

  By allowing a hover, I don’t have to select the tool to know what it does. New application’s buttons could be completely unique to a user and selecting isn’t ideal.

The box shown is for the Background Color


This would help my implementation, as well. For self-help,  we don’t want to clutter the UI with badges. But putting everything in the KC bot gets unwieldy. Being able to have a dialog, slider, or guide launch when a user hovers over the specified element would be great. Perhaps we can map the launch similar to how we map tooltips to elements.

Long standing valid discussion here @aharkut 

Another PX customer came up with this pretty interesting workaround using transparent images on their Badges, so do check it out if you have not already…



Another PX customer came up with this pretty interesting workaround using transparent images on their Badges, so do check it out if you have not already…



That’s an interesting workaround, but that would be better if the badge could be sized to completely overlap with the UI element.