Ability To Shorten URL Field Hyperlinks

I got a request from a customer today to have the ability to customize the text in the URL fields in Gainsight (MDA). Essentially, users are accustomed to having an option for putting the "link address" and also a "label" (see screenshot below). The ask is that in Rules engine they could (for example) put in the hyperlink, but have the text show a label. Ideally, I think this would require a token that they could put in which would replace the long (and ugly) URL that often get generated in this field.

Zendesk does this in SFDC with their integration.

Hi Steve,

We have added this request to our roadmap but it will not be taken up in the near future

@pgeorge any update on when this functionality would be available? We are trying to embed Sisense (BI tool) URL links on C360. Since each link is 5 lines long, it’s taking up a lot of unnecessary space.


If this is still not in the near-future product roadmap, is there a workaround today you can suggest?

This would be so helpful to have. We have several tabular reports with hyperlinks, and they take up lots of unnecessary space on the report.

@cankney  We have added this request to our long term roadmap.