Ability to set an expiration date for an article

As an administrator, I want to set an expiration date for an article and know this will fall off automatically when I tell it to. Today, I have to set a reminder in Slack or in Outlook to remind myself to remove it (or just come across it later in the future sometime). This is a nice-to-have feature and will simply help with bot content management. This request should considered for a guided tours as well.

@rketharaju thank you for sharing your request here. Redirecting this to the product team to  think in this direction. 

Hi @rketharaju  Is the expiration date for an internal/native article created in PX.

Yes @skalle customer is looking for the expiration date for an internal article which is created within PX.

Hi @rketharaju  We will consider this as a Nice to Have feature , currently PX doesnt have a timer based flow like Snooze etc though we are considering this in some other areas.  I will add this use case too there ,which may be in longer time roadmap.