Ability to send single email to multiple contacts at one account through JO/Outreaches

I'd love the ability to send a single email to multiple customer contacts through JO. Use case: a Welcome email needs to get sent to multiple contacts at the customer account to schedule a kickoff. Right now, each contact at that account will receive a different email asking to schedule time for the kickoff, which makes scheduling difficult. Additionally, the customer is then unaware of who else received the email.

If there was an option to send a single email to all the contacts at an account like you can through Email Assist, that would be ideal!

Hi Carolyn, in the July Gainsight release this functionality was shipped: https://support.gainsight.com/Release_Notes/Current_Release_Notes/Release_Notes_Version_6.4_July_2019#Journey_Orchestrator

Add contact to CC while sending Operational Emails: Previously, users could not add contact to the CC list for emails sent through Journey Orchestrator. With this release, users have an option to add the cc list to the email by selecting CC checkbox, which is enabled while sending only Operational Emails in JO. Currently, only 3 email recipients can be added to the cc list.

In Email Logs and Program emails, users can also track individual email events, such as open, click, and others, for ‘to’ and ‘cc’ emails.

Hi Dan-

This would only work if I was wanting to CC the same people every time though, correct? I would want the other CC'd contacts to be dynamic based on the customer receiving the email.

This supports dynamic contact If you add the additional emails in the participant mapping step.