Ability to select percentage type in S3 Bionic rule

While Loading using an S3 ingest job we notice that the Value ( for eg) 0.23 would be converted to 23%(converted to percentage by multiplying by 100) when writing to a Percentage type field but when we are loading the same using a S3 Bionic type query it would load it as 0.23% itself as the data type doesn't include Percentage.

In order to avoid this discrepancy can we have the ability to select Percentage Datatype in the Bionic rule for the field in the S3 fetch.

Example.gif: https://cl.ly/6a44b627c395

Same issue is occuring for my customer - the perception is the percentage data type calculates the %

Thanks Prithvi for sharing this. 

What is the ideal behavior here according to you?

Assume we show percentage data type, what would you expect the behavior be?

Hey Rakesh- Thanks for reaching out.

The customer had mentioned the ideal expectation would be to have the value multiplied by 100 and posted as a percentage. This would then match the working with the S3 ingest job. The intention is to have it work the same way across the product.