Ability to see engagement audience preview for non-realtime rules

It would be extremely useful to be able to preview the audience for an engagement. Right now, I know I can go into Audience Explorer and replicate most of the audience rules; it’s just time consuming and subject to human error.

I recently made an engagement that had a complex set of 12 rules with varying AND/OR logic. Only 1 of those rules was realtime (xx feature in RIGHT NOW). It would have given me more peace of mind to have a quick preview of the possible audience, rather than relying on me accurately replicating each rule in Audience Explorer. 

One idea for how this could work:

  • not take “realtime” rules like “URL/Feature in RIGHT NOW” into account when previewing the audience
  • show a refreshable preview (as of xx:xx time and xx/xx date) of the audience based on the non-realtime rules like persona, customer segment, signup date, exclusion list, etc 

Similar to this request, just expanding on it a bit

Another option would be a “audience preview” button that redirects (or opens another tab) to the Audience Explorer with the audience filter from the engagement applied.

The use case seems great, let's see how the community responds in terms of feedback and upvotes