Ability to Resize Gainsight Home Sections

We recently launched the new Gainsight Home page to our CS Team.  We are currently using Gainsight NXT impeded in our Salesforce system. They are starting to utilize the ‘Personalize My Home’ option and have come back with the below product suggestion:

Can’t resize: While you can rearrange the tiles, you can’t fully resize them. For example, the CTA tile I could make wider (taking up the full width of screen), however, I can’t adjust the height. Similar but opposite for timeline, I can adjust the height (to a degree) but I can’t change the width.  


Hello @aubrey.anderson, thank you for your post. Forwarding this to our Product Manager to. look into this and help you out here.

Hi @aubrey.anderson 

Thanks for posting.

For every widget in Gainsight Home, we do have a min and max height and width to make sure that widget looks and functions well for its current and roadmap functionality. Here is a document which shares these dimensions.

I’ve also redirected your feedback to the respective teams.

@rakesh would love to have more resizing options as I’m not sure the arbitrary maximum widths are all that great. I’ve got a layout that has a super awkward gap because I can’t extend the cockpit widget to make it taller:



I have to force different sizes for other widgets that are sub-optimal just to get rid of this.


I would also prefer to be able to expand the width of the Timeline/calendar widget but I don’t have that option either.