Ability to Report on Internal Attendees from Activity Timeline

Similar to Melissa's recommendation in "Need the ability to report on external contacts within Timeline Activity," it'd be nice to have the ability to report on Internal Attendees from the Activity Timeline.

Use Case: My technical team (TSMs) often join CSMs on phone calls, emails, etc. I would like to run a report and see how often my team is listed on an Activity as an "Internal Attendee" to help understand our impact. 
Hi Cinco,

Thanks for using Timeline and for building reports on that data! There's definitely a strong use case for reporting on attendees (internal and external). Right now the only fields you can't use in reporting or rules are the attendees and the raw text notes, but our engineering and product teams are looking to make improvements on those. 
This is becoming an increasing request for us as well. Is there a timeline for this feature request?
We will be shipping a number of Timeline enhancements in our Fall release (November) that will include increasing max attachment size to 30MB, ability to create picklist/dropdown custom fields and exposing the raw text as a reportable source.

Attendees as a reportable source are being targeted for Winter release (~Feb timeframe). 
In looking at the release notes, it looks like neither this or external made it to the winter release.  Can you confirm and give a new potential date available?
Did this slip?
Yes, we were unable to deliver this with our winter release. Sorry about that.  This functionality has presented some technical difficulties that required more time to fully develop and test. We recognize this as an important feature and are working to enable this soon!
Can we get an update on this?
Hi Team, 

One of our customer (Ashley Phelps) from the company (name: Double Dutch) is also interested in this feature. Do we have any update on the ETA for this requirement?
Is there an update on this? This has been a huge blocker for us.

I agree, this is a huge need for us as well. With the collaboration that we are driving between our CSM's and AE's to work together we need to be able to report on whether the AE's are actually attending the QBR meetings with their CSM's.

+1, would love an update/projected ETA on this.

I would also love an update on this!

Hi Team,

We are getting multipl request for this feature. Can we please priortized this one and let us know the ETA ?



Our use case for reporting on Internal Attendees:

1) Would like to measure the # of meetings that are attended by CSM team. (and see volumes grouped by onsite, meeting, email, etc)

2) Would like to understand how often each member of Exec team has joined customer meetings. We have a goal to increase exec level interactions, and this will help us to create visibility to the trend.

We are interested in this feature as well, thank you!

It would be nice to be able to search on it within the timeline UI and not just reports. We also werent able to sync it with Tasks or Events (maybe because its a multi select field...).


Internal Attendees and External Attendees fields: The Activity Timeline object is now enhanced with two new fields; Internal Attendees and External Attendees. These fields return the list of internal and external attendees (respectively), who attended a particular meeting.

This feature is avialbe now please refer to this article for more inforamtion.

@All, thanks for posting and happy posting!!!

@sai_ram the results of these fields are comma separated strings, if I wanted to split by internal attendees but only have one person on each row how can I do that? 



X attended 3 meetings on their own
Y attended 2 meetings on their own
X & Y both attended 1 together. 

Current output: 

X - 3
Y - 2
X, Y - 1

Desired output:
X - 4 
Y - 3

Bumping this thread - does anyone have any recommendations for how to achieve the above…?

@HollySimmons   I am in a situation where I need the same output that you described last year.  Did you ever come up with a solution?