Ability to remove Company Person associations when Contacts are updated in SFDC

I have a customer who is a pretty big user of Email to Timeline. As we know, if a single contact is related to multiple companies, all Email to Timeline submissions for that contact automatically gets logged to drafts because Gainsight does not know which company to relate the email to.

Right now, the Load to Person rule will load contact/company relationships into Gainsight, but I can't figure out a way to update contact/company relationships that have been removed. We would like these removed automatically so our Email to Timeline submissions don't go to drafts, as in the above workflow.

Hi Team,

I have similar use-cases from other Customers. This is related to both Company Person and Relationship Person.

Customer is using Parent-Child relationship between accounts. Only Parent accounts are in Gainsight. Now, they are loading contact data from both Parent and Child accounts and mapping to the Parent Account. In the future, if they make any child account as a Gainsight Customer, It will duplicate the data in the Company Person(same email will be mapped to multiple accounts) and Email to Timeline will not work.

It would be better to give flexibility to the customers to update the account/Company ID so that it will easy to manage and easy to use.

Is there any progress on this - are we able to remove Company Associations yet?