Ability to Pull Percentage Fields From Salesforce to Display as Percentage In Gainsight

I've adjusted the attributes fields on the Customer360 area, and noticed that a field with a percentage symbol after it doesn't come through as a percentage, but just the number value.

Here is the field in Salesforce (at the account level) called "User retention" and it has a percentage sign:


And under Attributes in Gainsight 360 page, it shows as User Retanti59 (but I want the % or else it doesn't make sense). Would love to request that since you're on top of Salesforce that ALL fields do come over properly. I checked with Support and they say it's not currently possible with the percentage field. Hopefully this is a quick / easy fix? Thanks!

Yep - this seems simple. Thew new functionality released in May allows more formula fields, but still doesn't allow a value to be included (like / by 100) to make numbers a percentage.