Ability to Move Success Plans

There are instances when several accounts are consolidated into one new account, or two accounts merge into one. Currently if a Success Plan is created and the account will merge with a new account, there's no way to move the success plan to the new account where the CSM will continue to manage the account and success plan. Users have to manually re-create the plan, which loses the Objective/Task created date data.

@kcsp completely agree!

@sai_ram is there a way to get more traction with this? It’s something that comes up often and would be nice to be able to have a way for CSMs to move and/or duplicate a plan without re-creating the plan from scratch. 

Could this also include moving Objectives between Success Plans / merging two Success Plans?

Would be great if you could merge all associated data when you merge accounts including CSPs. If there was a way to change which account the CSP is associated with, I think that could work as well. 

In some companies, their account hierarchies include a long list of parent and children accounts. Its quite often that the account level they manage too can change. For example, they may have started with Coca-Cola Canada and then moved up to the Global Parent account. And/or if they merge the accounts, it would be great to be able to move the CSP to the new merged account. 

I think this would be a great idea.

Bumping this up as this came up today in our org as a need! 

Agreed, the ability to change the company>>relationship for success plans would be huge, especially when automated integrations are in place and changes are made to the source system (CRM).