Ability to modify CTA type for CTAs created using Timeline entries

When creating “tasks” via a timeline activity it would be nice to be able to modify the CTA type being created from those tasks. Right now, the auto created CTA from these tasks have to default to what the admin selects on the backend. It would be nice for the end user to modify within the timeline entry the type of CTA these tasks will create. 

@andrew_cummins Thanks for bringing this up! How frequent do you change the type?  

I don’t think we have every changed the type. The problem is that we need the ability to select the type upon task creation from Activities in timeline. If we can select the type then we would have no need to ask for a change of the CTA type. 

@andrew_cummins Thanks. We understand your problem but we don’t have this in our immediate roadmap. In the meantime, we will try to get upvotes for this feature.

FYI @nitisha_rathi