Ability to manually create reoccurring CTAs in Cockpit Per User

We've recently encountered some scenarios on our team where CSMs would like the ability to manually create CTAs specific to their user name, but not tied to any specific account.

Rather than setting a reminder in an external calendar, this function would allow them to set reminders via Gainsight. It think I've seen it mentioned in other posts that a Gainsight/Calendar sync would be amazing so this is likely a continuation of that request.

One specific use case is a reminder to pull together necessary items - reporting & decks to complete any upcoming QBRs. It's difficult to do an auto fire for QBRs because they don't occur on any specific schedule across accounts.

We came up with a work around where we fire a CTA for all accounts called 'QBR Pre-work Reminder' that just sits with a far out future due date and then made a custom view for them in the cockpit so that any time a QBR was scheduled, they CTA would just be sitting there waiting.

Wondering if anything else has done anything similar/has any ideas.

Thanks for posting, Jill!
Hi Jill,

Ability to create a CTA linked to a user and not account is not in the short term roadmap. As a workaround, you can create a dummy account and mark it inactive e.g. we have an inactive account called 'Gainsight'. Users can then add the CTAs against this account.