Ability to manage custom events in Admin Console

Posting on behalf of a customer:

Would like the ability to manage custom events without needing to go through Gainsight support/eng team. Essentially, as a PX Admin I want to ensure that our custom events are implemented well by before “turning the event on” in production.

From @bostojic (from this previous post):  “You could consider developing a feature, a buffer zone, that would give users with admin rights the ability to check new Custom Events and whitelist them (pass them through to Product) or block/delete them. That would greatly help us better manage new custom events.” 

@bostojic feel free to add more detail/context here for our product team’s visibility. 

Thanks for starting the post, Julie :relaxed:

I think PX is on a great path with the new Events app (Administration → Events → Custom Events) which tackles this issue published in the latest Release Notes.

It gives us (admins) the ability to turn on/off any Custom Event from the product and keep everything clean.

What I’d like to see added on the app is:

  • the ability to set a global rule as Whitelisted or Blacklisted by default for all Custom Events. I, personally, would set for our main products to be Blacklisted by default so that no new custom events can be tracked if I haven’t whitelisted them manually. In that case I would visit Custom Events App every several days and check if new Custom Events have been implemented and appeared for approval (whitelisting). If they are implemented correctly (naming convention and logic) then I’d approve it and they would start being tracked. Ideally, the whitelist/blacklist option should be set on an Attribute level, because many times developers add aditional attributes under existing Custom Events that could be whitelisted by an admin before.
  • For every Custom Event I’d like to see the list of all attributes which are passed to the PX platform, and ideally there would be a whitelist/blacklist option as written in a previous point
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