Ability to Link Timeline Activities with Eachother

It would be nice if we had the ability to link timeline activities with each other in a parent-child relationship. Sometimes timeline entries will relate to a broader discussion we are having with a customer or across customers. In this case- we would ideally like to be able to define that linkage.

@hillarydj thank you for sharing this request here.  This one also I have changed to to CS ideas(related to Timeline).  Valid use-case! 

Our product team is also thinking in this direction.

Thanks for the post. We will look into the possibilities of adding this feature and will keepyou updated about the status.

@hillarydj Hi, we are looking into this feature and we would like to get some more details on this from you. Could you be able to tell us the Use cases when you have to link multiple activities? 

For some use cases we add Comments within the same Activities.

Hi @soumitrasahu
Certainly! What is the best way to get in contact with to share the use cases?