Ability to Link Tasks

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When a Playbook is attached to a CTA, all Tasks show up at once, with no guardrails that require users to complete Tasks in a particular order. It would be useful if Admins could link Tasks so that Tasks appear as they become eligible for closure (e.g. Playbook X has 10 Tasks. All Tasks are greyed out, excluding Task 1. As Task 1 is closed out, Tasks 2 is un-greyed). Admins could link Tasks together, much like how survey questions can be linked, so the closure of Task X, makes other Tasks visible. 

I think it would work best to have all Tasks visible at once, but Tasks that are not yet eligible to be closed are greyed out so users can see all Tasks if they want to prepare beforehand, but have not yet closed out the preceding Task. Admins could define the path they want users to complete Tasks, whether it be chronologically, or custom. 


Currently we see that in some instances, users are closing Tasks out of sync, which we have no control over. The ability to keep users on a defined path would be helpful. 
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