Ability to link different objects to different types of CTAs

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Posting this on behalf of Dom from Adobe Sign: 

We would like the ability to link different objects to different CTA types. For example, for CTAs of type "events" we would link to add the "onboarding" object to the CTA layout, while for "expansion" CTAs we would link to link the opportunity object. 

Currently, if we link specific objects to CTAs, they appear on all CTA types. 

Is this planned / on the roadmap? 

This is definitely on the roadmap, Nadav. Should be delivered as part of the Winter release. 

Would be good to connect directly with PM, though, on any specifics you might have (or can get from the customer) to make sure we test these use-cases.
Thanks Manu. 

Nadav - Please share with me Adobe's use-case.

If you remove all the fields from a CTA detail view layout configuration (from Call to Action administration screen), then the linked object would not show up on the corresponding CTA type's detail view. You can use this to control which linked objects show up for which CTA type. 

We are planning to enhance this further in our Feb release by explicitly allowing linking objects to a specific CTA type.
Thanks Sidhu, Nithisa, and Manu. 

Great to hear that there is already a workaround in place to show the linked objects only on specific CTA types, and that there is a more formal solution coming in the near future!~
Sidhu has made an important clarification above, so reiterating what we can do already and what's coming in Feb:

We can link multiple objects to CTAs today, as a global setting. This does not imply that multiple tabs need to show up in the detail view for each CTA type. If we intentionally leave the layout blank for objects not relevant to a CTA Type, that tab will also not appear in the detail view. So to take Nadav's example, if we link Onboarding and Opportunity objects to CTAs, we can do the following today to control visibility:

  • When configuring the layout for Event CTAs, don't add any fields under Opportunity. Only populate the Onboarding tab.
  • When configuring the layout for Expansion CTAs, don't add any fields under Onboarding. Only populate the Opportunity tab.
In the Winter release, this selection will be made more explicit by letting us link objects directly to a particular CTA Type, as opposed to globally like it is today.