Ability to link a URL from a badge

We would like to be able to add a badge to our cloud based app that launches context-sensitive help topics in our help centre. Whilst I appreciate that Developers can code this, we’d like to be able to make changes on the fly and react to any support tickets or issues that may arise. We don’t just want to launch engagements, we want to be able to call URLs.

Is this something that others would find valuable?



Thanks for posting your good idea to PX Community @Tracymack!


You probably already know this, but for others benefit one can create a Badge only Guide and include the Tooltip option.  In this Badge Tooltip PX supports the inclusion of rich HTML content including URLs, button, and images, which could be a partial workaround for this use case. One can also access the HTML source code for more advanced customization options such as include JavaScript “onclick” events.  See below:

  Happy PX-ing!


Thank you. Yes I did already know that, but this isn’t what I want. I literally want the badge to launch the URL - effectively acting as a help button or help icon.


Thanks anyway though.