Ability to Increase Operational Email Limit for NXT

It is currently possible to have Support increase the operational email limit from 5k up to 40k but this is not possible for orgs on NXT. Are there any plans to allow this for NXT in the near future?


This seems like an arbitrarily low limit given that this is already possible in SFDC and requires admins to break programs into batches. If you have thousands of customers with multiple contacts, we’re talking multiple batches! 


We are considering multiple approaches to solve this problem. We will keep you updated.



We don’t have a massive customer base, but it’s large enough that with the 5k limit on operational emails, I would have to create 4-5 separate programs in order to reach my entire customer base. 

We recently had an outage and needed to notify the entire base about it - clearly an Operational notification - I was not blocked from adding more than 5k contacts and I wasn’t notified that the majority of them failed due to this limitation. I only found out when customers started escalating to my executive team because they didn’t know what was going on. This is a ridiculously small number, particularly for customers larger than a mom and pop shop. 

Any update on it from the last four months? This is a huge issue for us. 

It would be great to have an update. This is a really low limit in Nxt. 

+1 for this idea