Ability to hide CTA tasks

Would like the ability to hide tasks within a CTA, not delete, but hide. Is there an option for this yet?

Just curious, what's the use case for hiding tasks?

Easier to manage from a visibility stand point. CSM's want to only see the current tasks they have open not all the ones that they have completed. They do not want to delete them so requesting the ability to hide the tasks, hope that makes sense.

Would Snooze work for your use-case?

Hi Amanda,

Is it mostly about hiding completed tasks within a CTA? On average, how many tasks does a CTA have in your case?

Depends on our use case could be 10 or more tasks.

No snooze wont work because you cannot snooze a task of a CTA


We understand your concern and will definitely think of how it can be made intuitive.

Can you all posts your suggestions here, based on your suggestions and based on number of customer interest we will consider this.

Please hit like to increase the priority in the road-map.