Ability to have the CTA name differ from the rule name

Having the CTA name derived from the rule name is a bit of an issue for a number of reasons:

1) Sometimes we have multiple CTAs created off of the same rule (it's more efficient). For example, I would ideally like to create one business rule pulling all the NPS scores, but then create one CTA named "Detractor score was received" and another for "Promoter score was received". Instead, I need to create two separate rules to have this quickly make sense to the CSM team.

2) The rule name should easily tell me what it's about, and that doesn't always match what I'd like to CTA name to be. I would love to be able to create a rule and call it "solution review reminder for growth accounts", so I could easily understand what it's about. In this case, I'd like the CTA name to be "Schedule a solution review".
Irit it does seem like a good way to make the management more efficient.
Hi Irit, 

Thanks for the feedback! I have moved this to an idea so that our product team can take under consideration. 
Great Idea!
Thanks for the suggestion. Added it to the roadmap. Hit Like or +1 to increase the priority in the roadmap
Definitely support this idea. The rule engine today needs a lot of disciplined naming convention to tell apart all the rules for the admin but some is unnecessary information for the CS team. I like the action oriented CTA name. 

For my use case, I need to weak the rules/playbooks slightly for different customer segments, but the team doesn't need to see all the  details I marked for myself...