Ability to get a realtime alert(email) when ever a new user signs up.

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Posting on behalf of a customer : 

With the current product design we can get the new user signup report daily/weekly. But it would be helpful if we(admin) could get a realtime email alert from PX when a user has visited/signs up for the first time. Additionally, it would be great if we could setup the alert(email) if those users qualify the  applied rules/filters at account level.

Example : Get an email alert (to my address, ABC@xyz.com), When a user has visited for the first time and is coming from an Account that is "condition1 = value1"

Currently the customer is having to connect their GainsightPX to an external system (salesforce), sync the data to the other system, and make the alert from there.






Hi srinivas,

Just wanted to say that we can get slack notifications whenever a user signs up.

But as said above  we cannot filter for an account in slack notifications  and also  mail notifications is not UI Control I guess.May be its getting triggered from Backend.

@suryanarayana Agree, we do have a Slack option. But customer is specifically asking for email alerts which PX do not have as of now. 


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