Ability to format columns in report builder

I have a report that’s displaying some boolean field values, and the values are left justified and running into other columns with longer strings.  Would be great if I could center those columns to make the report more readable.

Hello @heather_hansen, thank you for your post. Passing this along to our Product Manager to look into this and get back to you.

@heather_hansen  - would wrapping the text in the column be an option to make the report look better if so this will be available in the Horizon Analytics Report builder. 

Do let me know if this wasn't the solution you were looking for ?

@Azad I don’t appear to have that option.  The report is build from a data designer data set if that matters.

This is what I mean.  The Yes in the Onboarding Action Required column and the Onboarding Initiated column run into the columns next to them.


@heather_hansen  - the text wrapping can be accessed from the gear icon on the reporting screen 

Example below .. ( if you do not have this do let me know ) 


I’m not on HA yet, so I don’t have that.

@heather_hansen  - since this is available on HA, and we are rolling this out in phases this should be fixed once HA is enabled. 

Apologies for the confusion.