Ability to Fire CTA to Account Team

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We need to fire CTAs to a role loaded to the account team on the account.  Is this going to be possible in the near future?  Right now we can only fire CTAs to look up fields on the account.  
Here's one workaround in case anyone needs it:  We have mirrored our Account team list by creating custom fields on the Gainsight "Customer Info" object for each type of account team member.  So for example, if one Account team member's role name is "CSM", we are syncing this over to a new Customer Info field called "CSM".  You can setup a custom gainsight rule in order to make this sync happen.

Once you have this custom field now populated with the CSM's ID (which is really the SFDC User ID), then  you can reference it in your main rule which fires the CTA.

Oh and I think this approach only works for custom rules, not engagement rules.