Ability to filter the data on inactive picklist values.

We are not giving the ability to filter the data on inactive picklist values in Report builder/ Rules Engine/ JO Query Builder. 

Valid use-case, @all please vote here to change the priority of the road-map, based on customers' interest we change the road-map.


@sai_ram I actually have the opposite request here. For example, we have narrowed down our Customer Stage values to a smaller set and some are now inactive. However, other users attempting to use Report Builder may not be as familiar with that and they select those values to be included. I wish it were possible to limit is shown, because I cannot educate everyone. I wanted to add “Deprecated” to the value names, but they are view-only in Data Management, and no longer exist in the Administration tab. Is this something I would need to have Support do for me? 

Hi @ana_g 

You can edit the Dropdown items in Data management > Dropdown Lists

Select Customer Stage drop down for view and the edit option for each item would be available.

Do let me know if this does not help.


Thank you