Ability to Filter SFDC Reports on Home Page

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We have reports built on SFDC objects, which are not currently supported for Global Filters on the Home Page. It would be ideal if this could work similarly as filters in the Dashboard section, as there will always be data we choose not to bring into Gainsight. 

Example: Open Opportunities are not pulled into Gainsight so are sourced from SFDC. If an Open Opportunities report is placed on the Home Page, a CSM would not have the ability to filter for a specific Account.

@kcsp My workaround for this is to build a data design where I blend SFDC opportunities with GS accounts, and tada. Hope this helps!

@alizee We would use this, but there’s some data the business has decided they don’t want to bring into Gainsight 😕 

Appreciate your help!

@alizee Did using the Data Designer objects work for you? When I tried that I still wasn’t able to add filters on the GS Home. Curious if you found a working solution!

@mfreas this doesn’t work. Data Designer is also not supported with global filters on Home Page. The only solution is to create a custom object and sync the data in order for global filters to work.