Ability to Enable/Disable or modify KC BOT functions.

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Use Cases:

  1.  Ability to Enable/Disable the Tabs (On boarding, Feedback) of the Knowledge centre bot. If the user don’t need to go through the on- boarding articles, then it would be better if we have the leverage to turn off the tab.
  2. Ability to display the KC Bot to only specific customers cohorts, For whom it is needed. With the current design, if we launch the KC Bot it will pop-up for every customer. So we don’t have the ability to customise the knowledge centre Bot.
  3. Ability to change the style/location of the bot with custom CSS/Code. Now, with the current design there is no option to update or edit the CSS code. We can just change the shape of the Bot. Unlike it can we make it possible to change the location of the BOT.



FYI : @Alex Tran

@shireesha_reddy Above mentioned 1st and 2nd point are avaialbe now.

@All, Your enhancement request is considered and available in March-2020 release.

Few advantages of this enhancement are:

  • Audience exposure to the relevant Bot 
  • Customized onboarding checklist for selected Audience
  • Customized Knowledge Center documents for the Audience
  • Ability to track feedback and feature requests from specific Audience

Please go through this article for more information. 

Here is the complete list of posts implemented for 6.13(March Release).