Ability to Edit Success Plan Fields via Rules Engine

While it is possible to create a  new success plan via the rules engine, it would be great to be able to update it or the Success Plan table as well. This would allow us to keep users in one place instead of having to jump back and forth between systems to make sure they have the most up to date information. 


Additionally, this would allow us to add additional details to a Success Plan and how it is tracking towards completion based on how we define progress (weighted values for each  Objective)

Came across this need yesterday on behalf of a customer. In their case, they wanted to be able to mass reassign Success Plans. Either way, this would be a great enhancement.


Yeah! Great use case. We also ran into a situation where we generated about 120 success plans that didn’t have all the data we needed resulting in manually deleting all of them. 


Not sure if that should be it’s own feature request for Mass Editing Success Plans similar to the Mass Edit CTA.

Hi Tommy,

Thanks a lot for sharing these use-cases. Providing more automation capabilities on success plans is definitely on our roadmap. It will be really useful if you can share some more details on what fields do you want to automatically update on a success plan / what are those fields used for?

Regarding the ability to do bulk operations on Success Plans, our thought process is to extend the CTA Mass Edit tool to also allow one-time bulk operations on Success Plans


Hi Aditya,


In general it would be great to have update rights on any custom fields added to the success plan. In our scenario, some of the data in our Success Plan is coming from Salesforce and at the moment we can only pull that data once (on Success Plan initiation). Allowing updates would stop our team from having to go between different systems and could make the Success Plan the main place they look for the specific project they’re working.

Does that help?


Per the bulk operations - that seems like a good place to put that functionality and if it works like the CTA Mass Edit tool does it would solve our needs for one-time edits.


I would love to see further automation available for success plans.

In particular, I’d love to be able to apply templates to existing success plans, so that when our customers hit certain milestones, we can create appropriate objectives.

We can obviously create CTAs on the account already, but being able to apply a template would be much better since those objectives/CTAs would be tied to the plan itself, and have the potential to be customer-facing with shared success plans.

Hi @tyler_tew :

Thanks a lot for sharing this. Giving more automation capabilities (via rule engine) is definitely on our roadmap. I don't have an ETA for this at the moment. I will keep you posted as an when I have an update on this 

Hello Everyone!

Gainsight now enables Admins to perform mass edit actions on Success Plans, including Reassign Ownership and Delete Success Plans in bulk.

You can find the relevant information in our article

This feature is implemented onlyin the NXT version.

Thanks for posting!

Thanks for the update! Is this feature (updating via rules engine)still under consideration?

Thanks for the update! Is this feature (updating via rules engine)still under consideration?

@Tommy updating success plans with mass edit is out for release. Please refer to this article V6.12 . As mentioned by @rakesh_lingala we can perform multiple actions. 

@sai_ram yes, thanks! The original ask was for being able to update success plans from the rules engine, and therefore in an automated way. While this is a great enhancement as well, it still requires manual invocation.

@Tommy Thanks for sharing your views here!

We do have plans to update success plans from the rules engine. Already one more with same request. 


+1 Would be great to have the ability to update success plans from the rules engine.

Not sure why this is marked as Workaround Available when the initial ask is not not available. We are not able to edit the Success Plan via rules engine

@andreammelde editing/updating success plan via rules engine is in the medium term roadmap.

Has anyone tried updating via API?


Please check this article on updating success plan via API for more help