Ability to edit BCC in Email Assist

My team is looking into using Email Assist but it doesn't look like the emails sent don't find their way onto the Timeline and there is no option to add it. This could be remedied if we could edit the BCC of the outgoing email and add our BCC to Timeline email address.

Hi Jeremy, I think there's a lot of value in adding BCC flexibiity as you've indicated! In the interim, you should be able to track Email Assist in Timeline. Navigate to Administration > Calls to Action > General Settings at the account or relationship level and then switch the Automatically track email assist emails in timeline toggle to ON. I'm not sure if this solves for your entire use case, but wanted to be sure you knew that specific capaibility is available today. More details under "Track emails in Timeline" in this support article: https://support.gainsight.com/Cockpit_and_Playbooks/User_Guides/01_Send_Email_Tasks_from_Cockpit_(aka%2C_Email_Assist)