Ability to edit a program name once active

This may not seem like a big deal but as we grow and revise our publishing standards, it would be so helpful to be able to edit the name of a program that is active.

Yes, we can create a clone with the new name but we then lose the history of the participants.

Hi Diane, Thanks for posting!


Hope your ask is implemented and pushed in V6.2 release.

Please refer this release notes.





Hi - is there a special way to do this? All I can see if exactly the same as before 6.2 - it does not allow modifications to the name of a program once active.


Hey Sairam,

I don't think this was something that was implemented. I am not able to change the name of an active program. The updates with this release allow you to edit more but not the name still.

@alex_legay and @diane_morneau Admins can perform the following actions to the Sources of an Active Program after it is published.

  1. Add and merge tasks in Bionic Query.

  2. Add new fields to the existing source.

  3. Map the new fields and also modify the existing mapping.

  4. Make modifications in source filter criteria.

  5. Add/Delete participant source(s). But, at least one source must be present.

  6. Delete existing Custom fields if they are not used in any other criteria or steps.

By default, source modifications performed by an admin are only applicable to the new participants added in the program, and do not impact the already synced participants. Admins must use the Sync icon to manually sync the participants to immediately apply the modifications to the source. After the sync is done manually, participants are added to the Program list in the REVIEW state.

Thanks Sai.

@alex_legay - Just for your info. The Program name is still not editable.

Still not editable. Given the importance of thinking about programs at scale, this would be really helpful.

The inability to edit program elements once live (adding/removing conditional waits, emails, etc) prevents us from creating and optimizing dynamic customer journeys. Without it, we are looking into deprecating our usage of JO in advance of a marketing automation tool.

Hello Everyone,
This is something which we are planning to address as part of JO redesign. I will keep you posted about the flexibility you will be getting with this very soon.

+1 for this, it’s quite frustrating even if minor (for us - not speaking for others)

@chethana Is there a timeline for this JO redesign? The ability to rename a Program seems, to me, a very basic option. Given you can change other aspects of a Program, the option to update the name is a key ability. For my company, and I’m sure many others, this feature is highly important.

Hello @clark_burris 

Phase 1 JO redesign  will be made for single step journey. Tentative timeline mid of Q3.

Any updates on this feature?


A simple design would have been to associate each JO program to a sys_ID and have the system refer to that sys_ID, keeping the user friendly label editable at all times.


Why this is was not made from the get-go is beyond my comprehension.

@chethana , @PavanCh any teaser we can share? :)