Ability to Delete Multiple Rules at One Time

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Currently admin users can only delete one rule at a time. It would be great if we could delete multiple rules at once, instead of having to do them one by one. 
Hi Kaycee. One of the reasons we only enable deleting a single rule is to reduce odds of accidentally deleting a rule. Is this a common use case? Thanks. 

Resurfacing this -- I recently had to delete 201 rules from our NXT migration (backup rules) manually because we can’t select more than one at once to delete. This took 15 minutes to do -- not the worst in the world, but would have saved me 15 minutes of precious time to do more work!

Bulk clean up of our instance (so that we can be ready for an upcoming migration over to NXT) also required I go in and delete a ton of outdated rules. Having to do this one-by-one was tedious so any way we can improve that process would be appreciated.

The ability to delete multiple rules is definitely needed. Especially considering as admin how many test rules we create and then to delete them one by one is cumbersome to say the least.  

Hello @kaycee @gaurav_kotak @puna and @syed_altamash, apologies for a delayed response.  Looping in our Product Manager to take a look into this idea/suggestion and take it forward. 

Also working on an instance cleanup and trying to remove about 130+ rules. Imagine my reaction when the “Delete” options disappear after selecting a second rule 🙄